Statement by H.E. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Denmark Mr. M.Vanin

Statement by H.E. Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Denmark Mr. M.Vanin


Russophobic statements in the Danish media do not come as a surprise to us. Over the past few years the so-called Danish experts and analysts on Russia have been practicing with enviable persistence in who can present the most vivid anti-Russian statement, thus remind the Danish society about their own existence. Not a single sober assessment of Russian-Danish relations and possible ways out of the current crisis have we heard from the Danish scientific community.


Nevertheless, the most dangerous thing is when such unsubstantiated statements are made by professionals responsible for providing the country's leadership with an objective assessment of the challenges and threats the Kingdom of Denmark is currently facing (terrorism, migration, radicalization of the population, etc.). Previously, we heard russophobic statements by the Defense Minister of Denmark Mr. Claus Hjort Ferederiksen about Russia's alleged involvement in the election results and the dissemination of fake news. Now we can state that the head of FE Mr. Lars Johan Findsen has joined the anti-Russian hysteria.


Instead of thinking about ways to get out of the crisis that has developed in our relations and returning to the negotiating table to discuss the mutual concerns, as demonstrated by the Presidents of Russia and the USA in Helsinki, Copenhagen once again allows itself to accuse my country without providing any evidence for that. At the same time, as before, it does it through the media.


Once again, in “highly likely” style Russia is accused of meddling in all possible elections. At the same time, the report of the Federal Intelligence Service of Germany presented on July 24 in Berlin states clearly that the version of the so-called "interference" of hackers from Russia in elections to the Bundestag in 2017 has not been confirmed.


I consider it extremely dangerous that the topic of so-called Russia's interference in the Danish elections is actively promoted in Danish media. I doubt that someone will be able to explain evidently the meaning of such alleged actions.


On the other hand it is obvious that after a month of positive information from Russia in connection with FIFA World Cup 2018, when Danish fans could see with their own eyes the open and hospitable Russia, which in every way differs from what is written about my country in the Danish media, ardent Russophobes finally managed to pour out the poison, accumulated during this time.


Such position is unprofessional and narrow-minded. It is not clear for what purpose everything is being done to ensure that the Russian-Danish relations continue to degrade. One thing is obvious: those who are interested in the preservation of the current situation are the ones that hold war dearest of all, and who only see profit in instability. However, maybe, it is just the heat wave and the hot heads will cool off until autumn.


Finally, one last thing. It is time to stop poisoning the Danish society with this abomination.