History of the Russian-Danish relations

The first treaty which laid down the foundation of diplomatic relations between Russia and Denmark was the "Treaty of Love and Brotherhood" signed in 1493. However, a permanent Russian diplomatic mission in Denmark was established in 1700 and was reorganized into an embassy in 1893. The bilateral relations of Russia and Denmark actively developed in the second half of the 19th century due to the marriage of future Russian Emperor Alexander III and Danish Princess Dagmar who became known under the name "Maria Feodorovna" as a part of the House of Romanov.


Nowadays, after a long break the development of bilateral relations between Denmark and Russia has also been observed with a series of high-level visits. In December 2010 the President of the Russian Federation Mr. D.Medvedev visited Denmark on official visit. In April 2011 Russian Prime Minister Mr. V.Putin visited Denmark. In September 2011 Queen Margrethe II of Denmark visited Russia.

At the moment much focus is laid on the cooperation of Russia and Denmark in the spheres of innovations, energy efficiency, agriculture and food production.