12 April

The Embassy's Comment on the Statement Published by the Danish Armed Forces

The Embassy noticed the statements of the Commander of the National Air Operations Centre of the Danish Air Force (Karup airbase), Brigadier General Mr. K.F.Jensen, published on the official website of the Danish Armed Forces on April 12, that the Danish Air Force is not only intercepting Russian aircrafts, but “also increasing safety for the rest of participants of the air traffic”, since “the Russians usually fly with switched-off transponders”.

In this regard, it is worth reminding that the President of Finland Mr. S.Niinistö in 2016 proposed carrying out all flights over the Baltic Sea with switched-on transponders. Russia supported this initiative and approached NATO with a suggestion to conclude such an agreement. NATO has shown no interest in this proposal.

Unfortunately, all initiatives to build mutual confidence and security, as well as to prevent incidents, remain unanswered by NATO and its member states, including Denmark.