History of the Embassy's building

The residence of the Embassy of Russia in Denmark, located at Kristianiagade 5, was built by Otto Mønsted, a prominent Danish entrepreneur. VilhelmDahlerup, Danish follower of the Italian Renaissance style in architecture, was invited as an architect. He was also the co-architect of the unique buildings of the Royal Danish Theatre, Hotel D'Angleterre and the Danish National Gallery in Copenhagen.

In 1934 the widow of O.Mønstedsold the mansion to Countess MusseScheel, the last private owner of the building. Countess was known as an eccentric woman, cinema actress, film studio owner, passionate traveler and animal lover. Her contemporaries recalled that she held a hen house in the yard of her "castle" and even sold eggs to the neighbors herself.

During Denmark's occupation by fascist Germany during the Second World War the residence served as the headquarters of the organization "Northern Society" which promoted cultural cooperation between Germany and countries of Northern Europe.

In 1950 the Soviet Union signed an agreement regarding the rental of the. In 1982 the building and the ground at Kristianiagade 3 (Consular Department) and the building at Bergensgade 11 (School) were granted to the Soviets free of charge on the basis of reciprocity for the needs of the Embassy of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) for the period of 70 years (until December, 31, 2051).