Send us a letter

A letter to the Russian Embassy in Denmark should contain a name, address, e-mail of the sender and a clear statement of the question. The letter can be sent by post, fax, e-mail or delivered in person to the Consular Section during the office hours (after appointment).

Before sending the letter to the Embassy, please carefully read the following:

  1. A letter is not admissible if:
  • it is not addressed to the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Denmark;
  • the address of the sender is not stated in full;
  • the letter includes abusive language;
  • the text of the letter cannot be read;
  • the letter does not contain any specific statements, suggestions or complaints.
  1. E-mails can contain attachments. Large amounts of text, copies of documents, photos and other attachments should be sent by regular post to Kristianiagade 5, 2100 Copenhagen
  1. The answer to the letter is sent to the postal / e-mail address specified in the letter.
  1. Personal data information is stored and processed in accordance with the Russian legislation on personal data storage.